Welcome to the websites of Martin Mergili
This website provides access to a variety of resources regarding the Earth's surface, its landforms, ecosystems, cultural landscapes, and people.

The world in images

Enjoy more than 10,000 photos of landscapes, plants, animals and people all around the world.

Access images by geographic region or keyword, geomorphology or geoecology topics, launch the map interface, or learn about the conditions of use.


Discover the Andes

The anden.at website represents a structured collection of geographic information on the Andes, including exercises and movies. These pieces of information are prepared in a way to serve for a broad variety of learning environments and purposes.


Spatial simulation of landslide processes

Download, learn, and work with a set of GIS-supported landslide susceptibility analysis and simulation tools. All applications build on the open source software products GRASS GIS and The R Project for Statistical Computing.


Length changes of Austrian glaciers

The Austrian Alpine Club (Österreichischer Alpenverein) has been coordinating annual glacier length change measurements over several decades. Based on this extensive dataset, display the development of selected glaciers or glacierized mountain ranges. Further, watch an impressive time-lapse video of the recession of Gepatschferner in the Kaunertal, Tyrol.


Publications and presentations

Find and download my scientific publications, public presentations, and contributions to conferences and workshops.


Curriculum vitae

View my detailed CV and follow the links to relevant institutions, projects, and resources.