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Storebælt Fixed Link | West Bridge
WI_dk005.jpg Storebælt Fixed Link  |  West BridgeThumbnailsStorebælt Fixed Link  |  West Bridge

The Great Belt Fixed Link - finally opened in 1998 - connects the Danish islands of Sjælland (viewpoint) and Fyn. The 6.8 km long West Bridge shown in the photograph leads the motorway from Sjælland to the artificially enlarged island of Sprogø, whereas the railway uses a tunnel for this section. The central span of the West Bridge is with 1,624 m one of the longest worldwide. The 6.6 km long East Bridge (not visible in this photograph) carries motorway and railway onwards to Fyn.

Thursday 1 August 2002 by Martin Mergili in Europe / Sweden and Denmark (1105 visits)