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Training exercise

Task 1

The Tavolese catchment in the Tuscany region of central Italy is well known for the occurrence of landslides, particularly after heavy rainfall when the soil is completely saturated with water. The regional government asks your consultancy firm to produce a landslide susceptibility map for that area. Your tasks are as follows:

The following data are available:

Data access: Tavolese

The deliverable is a report containing at least the following elements:

Task 2

In task 1, the soil depth - and therefore also the depth of the sliding surface - was assumed constant (3 m). Now it is your task to investigate whether the spatial pattern of landslide susceptibility corresponds better to the distribution of the observed landslides when assuming deeper soils in areas with a tendency to accumulate material (e.g. in valleys) than in those areas without such a tendency (e.g. on ridges). You have the same data available as for task 1. In addition you have the spatial distribution of soil depth available as ESRI raster (tv_soildepth). You should use the geotechnical parameter space which has resulted in the best model performance in task 1.

The deliverable is a report with:

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